The Unspoken

A Story of Love, Loss and a World Beyond Words



The Unspoken is written in an authentic voice, with a raw, honest quality.  It treads the line between being a story about death and a story about awakening. The spiritual lessons are there, but woven in subtly. This book will resonate with every reader who has faced loss. The book will be valuable for anyone curious about their own awakening or still dealing with their own grief.

Terrie Curry’s personal story is part romance, part tragedy, and altogether inspiring. Through her whimsical and poignant writing, we are shown guideposts to help us through our own, personal challenges in life.
— Ashley Stamatinos
Wonderful, amazing, transformative! Curry’s book is a page turner which weaves together the worlds that exist beyond words, masterfully demonstrating the subtle human connection that knows no separation.
— SUZY MILLER, Author of Awesomism: A New Way to Understand the Diagnosis of Autism.