About Terrie

Terrie Curry spent many years as a financial analyst working in a world of numbers. Yet an inner questioning had always moved her to explore the limits beyond linear thinking.

It was her experiences volunteering with hospice patients, and then an amazing encounter with a miraculous little boy, where Curry gained insight into this realm beyond our everyday comprehension.

Those very experiences aided her through her husband’s health crisis and death; the power of our connection beyond words guided her through the loss and its aftermath. She writes now to share her quest for insight, and to tell of her journey to find inner strength, humor, and healing after losing a beloved partner.

Transitions Coaching

Loss hooks us in to what we had, what we’ve done, and our perception of who and what we were. In time, a moment comes when we get a glimmer of what else we can become.

One-on-one coaching can help you tap into that spark of new possibility...and catapult you out of deep grief and sadness. Private appointments and Skype sessions available. Contact Terrie - terrieccurry@gmail.com

Speaking Engagements

Terrie’s speaking style implements storytelling. Anyone interested in topics relating to feelings of loss or the desire for a spark of awakening will be eager for her insights on how humor and creativity can ignite new possibilities. Contact Terrie - terrieccurry@gmail.com