About Terrie

In my life I have always approached everything from the aspect of story.  As a teenage babysitter, as a financial analyst, as a hospice volunteer, the people and situations showing up in my world became characters.  I became the witness of events and expereinces. 

Value of story was affirmed when I started writing the stories of mothers and their children in Suzy Miller’s Awesomism Program.  

Those who were the subjects of the stories (mothers and children diagnosed with autism or on the autism spectrum) saw the limitations of self-judgement and moved toward being  in awe of who they truly were.

With the sudden death of my husband I came face to face with my own story. In  desiring to heal in my own unigue way, I was led to and completed a four year program in Feldenkrais Movement Therapy. With the Feldenkrais approach I learned to discover and differentiate my own inner optimal state of being.   I continue to experience power, safety and freedom with movement in my life. Since I am now a practitioner, you are able to choose hands-on-sessions with me and or guided movement.

With my sign in Libra, it is natural for me to balance my creativity and intuition with pragmatism. Pragmatism was honed in my career in probate and estate planning and financial analysis. After the death of my husband, the importance of financial and legal knowledge became clear. It created future security and ease in my personal life.   In times of crisis, I offer a hand to hold  communicating action steps to guide you to safety and clarity in the financial and legal underpinnings around death of a loved one.  

As a fan of the TV personality Mr. Rogers, I was touched by his reply when he was asked, “Do you have any practice of devotion?”  His answer was, “Yes I am devoted to supporting children in knowing they can express their feelings.”  For me that practice of devotion is collaborating with others in knowing they can heal and shift from grief to joy through story and movement.