Keys to the Story Process

The keys to the story process serve as a catalyst for you to share your story, your experience, from a true place in your heart where in order to be whole you must be heard. In one session, the first session you are “heard”.  In choosing the three-session option, a story is written from the interview  and presented to you for your de-light.

1. The Interview

A safe, playful place to be heard.

2. The Power of Witness

As your story unfolds you will see yourself through a different lens. Not right or wrong, black or white but a collage of emotions and experiences that have created a textured and colorful life.

3. The Jewel of Awareness

By hearing your story beyond the place of the harsh inner critic, you invite your most authentic truth to emerge.  Awareness of what is true for you puts your magical child in play.  .

4. The Magnetic Field

 The first three steps create the fourth.  Trust, Openess, and Awareness create an energy field within and without that draws to you the changes you want to see in yourself and in your life.  The four step process opens you up to what else is possible, the infinite possibility that the quantum world shows us is real.

5. The Bonus

 The process is actually playful, and like a kid you get to be the center of attention and magnetic attraction.  It’s all about YOU!

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