Finding Your Power…

Your Lost Innocence


by Telling Your Story.


Why tell your story?


Stories attest to the richness of our lives and the depth of our relationships.  They are meant to be shared. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross became aware that in their sharing of life stories patients healed at a deep level.  Recent research has begun to suggest that expressing repressed thoughts and emotions might possibly contribute to reduction in Alzheimer’s. Witnessing and being witnessed is profound in changing dis-ease. It infuses and uncovers our essential value as spiritual beings having a human experience.  Mr. Rogers, the beloved TV host carried a slip of paper with this quote from a social worker, “Most likely there is no one you couldn’t love, if you knew their story.”

When I personally learned the true power of story, is when my vibrant and active husband suddenly ended up in a coma, and 14 days later he transitioned.  With his death I felt a sense of “in order to be whole I must be heard”.  Within a year I had written, The Unspoken: A Story of Love, Loss and the World beyond Words. It became an Amazon Bestseller inspiring readers to thrive not just survive their own loss.

Paramount to my healing process was my awareness and discovery of the effectiveness of movement in creating change. Moshe Feldenkrais, a brilliant scientist, and healer said, “Every emotional state has a pattern of muscular contraction which would not exist with the discontinuation of that emotional state”.  Loss had reared its head as chronic pain in my right hip and leg. Movement therapy (Feldenkrais) became a pillar in unravelling my story.

In being bold enough to tell your story, I will collaborate with you as you embrace and integrate your power from within during the Story Sessions.  And if you choose, a Movement Session can assist in the integration.

After our two Story sessions together, the outcome will be a 3-5 page story written by me after collaborating with you. You will then see a reflection of how inspirng you are to others.  Joy, release and relief is on the other side of every untold story.



Story Process with Terrie

The process begins with an interview session, a one-hour chat, in a safe space where your story, textured with emotions, can be heard.  It’s a dialogue about an experience in your life you have a deep feeling you want to share.  

People who have told their story.


Movement Session in the Story Process

   Movement can put you in touch with your story and your emotions. Feldenkrais Therapy uses    movement to help you know your power, safety, and freedom through an organized nervous      system.


Grief to Joy

Mentoring Session in the Story Process

   Navigating the pragmatics of loss or death regarding the financial, legal and medical    systems requires special attention. Emotional crisis can create chaos in these keystone    areas of life. The mentoring session is used to convey  knowledge and understanding to    assist in this navigation.

In my life I have always approached everything from the aspect of story.  As a teenage babysitter, as a financial analyst, as a hospice volunteer, the people and situations showing up in my world became characters.  I became the witness of events and expereinces. 

Value of story was affirmed when I started writing the stories of mothers and their children in Suzy Miller’s Awesomism Program.  

Those who were the subjects of the stories (mothers and children diagnosed with autism or on the autism spectrum) saw the limitations of self-judgement and moved toward being  in awe of who they truly were.

With the sudden death of my husband I came face to face with my own story. In  desiring to heal in my own unigue way, I was led to and completed a four year program in Feldenkrais Movement Therapy. With the Feldenkrais approach I learned to discover and differentiate my own inner optimal state of being.   I continue to experience power, safety and freedom with movement in my life. Since I am now a practitioner, you are able to choose hands-on-sessions with me and or guided movement.

With my sign in Libra, it is natural for me to balance my creativity and intuition with pragmatism. Pragmatism was honed in my career in probate and estate planning and financial analysis. After the death of my husband, the importance of financial and legal knowledge became clear. It created future security and ease in my personal life.   In times of crisis, I offer a hand to hold  communicating action steps to guide you to safety and clarity in the financial and legal underpinnings around death of a loved one.  

As a fan of the TV personality Mr. Rogers, I was touched by his reply when he was asked, “Do you have any practice of devotion?”  His answer was, “Yes I am devoted to supporting children in knowing they can express their feelings.”  For me that practice of devotion is collaborating with others in knowing they can heal and shift from anything that is untold or not spoken, to joyful expression through story and movement.


“I loved being interviewed by Terrie!  I did not expect enjoying so much talking about myself and my son. Terrie knows how bring up laughter, tears of release and compassion to our life stories. It was a very therapeutical experience, like I was able to bring closure to stories that did not serve me nor my son anymore.”
Duvi Albano

“I found my inteview with Terrie incredibly profound. Terrie was able to gently move me through my own emotional pain around an experience in which I felt very ashamed. It had been hard for me to talk about it. I came out with  a new perspective of seeing myself as an incredible mother who is strong, courageous and extremely loving. Thank you Terrie for helping me heal my heart and move to a space of peace and joy.”

Sharon Hall